The HAAG trombone has been synonymous with the highest quality in the music scene for decades.

Since 2016, Fabian Bächi developes and built all Instruments. Fabian is Switzerlands first Mastercraftsman as Brass Instrument builder. He continuously further improves and refines the trombones and trumpets with full devotion: better intonation, exceptional sound characte- ristics and unique optical details make these instruments even more special. Every Instrument is a unique artwork with limitless musicality and a one-time sound experience.

Handcrafted Instruments – quality that inspires!

For every musician “his” instrument: The HAAG trombones and HAAG trumpets are designed together with you, individually adapted to each player and according to personal wishes.

The handcrafted instruments are produced in a small team and direct contact with you guarantees the ideal solution according to your ideas.

Musicians all over the world are enthusiastic about the high quality and the technical refinements in instrument making. From Europe, Scandinavia to the USA, to Japan: The master brass instrument maker Fabian Bächi will look after and advise you on the choice of instruments.