Flugelhorn elConde

The sound of the elConde is based on the flugelhorn sound of the 1930s, and thanks to the large copper cup it shines in every formation. After several years of development, master instrument maker Fabian Bächi can present the elConde, an instrument that scores particularly well in the area of ​​intonation. A great eye-catcher on and next to the stage!


El Conde

Technical details

  • Tuning: Bb
  • Bore: 10.6mm – 11.2 mm / .417″ – .441”
  • Bell: handhammered Copper
  • Bell Ø: 160mm / 6.299”
  • Valves: Monel with gold brass passage tubes
  • Waterkeys: Amado
  • Trigger: 3.Valve, optional 1. and 3. Valve
  • Accessories: bag and mouthpiece HAAG 5B