A C-trumpet that convinces

This C-trumpet was developed in such a way that it feels like a Bb trumpet – also with the same advantages in terms of intonation. The ElLusofono C-trumpet is convincing – across all registers, sound and intonation.


El Lusofono

Technical details

  • Tuning: C
  • Bore: 11.7mm / .461”
  • Leadpipe: goldbrass
  • Tuning slide: brass with HAAG sound plate
  • Valves: Monel with brass airways
  • tuning slide: 3. valve
  • Trigger: 1. valve
  • Bell: hand hammered yellow brass
  • Bell Ø: 123mm / 4.842”
  • Waterkeys: Amado
  • Accessories: bag and HAAG 5B mouthpiece